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Treating Customers Like Family for 75 Years
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We treat our communities like family, too!
Sims Brothers Recycling is deeply committed to making an important difference to our extended families - the communities of Marion, Bellefontaine, and  Delaware, in which we operate and live. Community involvement is an integral part of our commitment to making a better world for our employees and society at large. By fostering lasting relationships with nonprofit organizations, funding local initiatives and providing community support, the company is able to champion a number of important causes while simultaneously promoting a strong culture of caring from within.

A gear in the local economic engine.

Sims Brothers employs over 160 associates. Plus, we are a customer to many local businesses, from truck drivers to contractors to wearable providers. We take an active role in the local Chamber of Commerce and strive to add to the local economy whenever we can.

A part of the community fabric.

You’ll see Sims Brothers and our employees actively involved in our communities in a variety of ways, almost too numerous to review.  To gain a broader perspective, take a look at our News page.

Environmentally friendly.

Sims currently recycles a staggering amount of materials annually – over 550 million pounds. This helps conserve natural resources, keeps valuable materials out of landfills, and makes vital American industry and manufacturing more competitive. To get a glimpse of the impact of recycling, click here.

Community fundraising drives.
Through the years, Sims Brothers has helped many non-profit organizations raise money by recycling drives, the most popular being aluminum can, metal scrap and newspaper recycling. Click here for more information.  There are already several local charities you can donate your scrap sales proceeds to. For more information, click here.

Paying forward with corporate donations.
Since our founding, Sims Brothers has realized that it needs to play a positive role in its communities. To have a prospering business in thriving communities is the ideal we seek. Organizations given priority consideration for donations by Sims Brothers are those that exist in the communities where our associates live and work, and those that in which our associates are involved.

Sims Brothers supports organizations and projects that have visible impact in our home communities. In the past year, we have supported more than 35 organizations in the following categories:

  • Children & Youth
  • Education
  • Social Service
  • Public Health
  • Arts & Culture

We receive far more requests than we have monies to dispense. To ensure that the donations are used in accordance with corporate policies, Sims Brothers does not donate to:

  • Individuals
  • Fraternal, veteran, or labor organizations
  • Religious and sectarian organizations
  • Political or lobbying organizations
  • Elementary and secondary schools
  • Travel funds
  • Promotional activities
  • Organizations that might in any way pose a conflict with the company’s goals,
    products or employees

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