In-Plant Scrap Mgmt

Recycling Scrap EnginesYour scrap metals, plastic, paperboard and glass can be a goldmine for your company.

Intelligent scrap management is a key business strategy, as well as maximizing your scrap return by partnering with an expert who has the experience, personnel, equipment and resources to purchase, collect, transport, clean and prepare your scrap. More succinctly, a turnkey single-source scrap management solution that’s environmentally compliant.

Our services include design and engineering, financing, investment in on-site equipment, facility operation, marketing of metals, logistics, transportation, and administrative support.

You know your business and we know scrap. Helping you turn it into a revenue stream is our specialty. With over 75 years of experience, Sims Brothers Recycling has developed strategies and tools to improve efficiencies, helping medium-size and large companies dramatically cut costs and add hundreds of millions of dollars to their bottom lines. Here’s how:

Recycling MoneyImprove the value of your scrap
Material grade identification, cleansing, sorting, cutting and segregation are the keys to maximizing the value of your scrap.  

The more uniform and free of contaminants your scrap, the more valuable it is. Marketable sizing of materials can reduce handling and freight costs. Reclaiming lubricants and cutting fluids by draining and/or spinning increases scrap value, and often allows you to reuse these valuable fluids.

Cut your labor costs
Your customized scrap handling program is tailored to reduce your labor costs.  We can increase efficiency through concise on-site training for your employees. Or we can reduce your labor costs with 24/7 on-site Sims Brothers associates who are dedicated to safely, efficiently and economically move and prepare your scrap, from the plant floor to out-the-door.  Our logistics department can handle all transportation arrangements, with flexible pickup scheduling, which further reduces your labor cost.

Sims Bros Recycling BinThe best tools without the high cost
Efficient scrap management can involve a sizable investment in equipment – forklifts, bins, custom containers, covering systems, fluid recovery systems, centrifuges and trailers – to name a few.  Sims Brothers has the resources to assist you with state-of-the-art equipment specification and installation. Or, we will purchase and maintain some or all of the equipment needed for your scrap processing program. Either way, you get the best tools for the minimum investment.

Increase earnings
Sims Brothers has developed a vast network of strong buyer relationships and resources with domestic and export scrap consumers, mills, foundries and processors throughout the country.

So whether it is buying, brokering or tolling your scrap, we work with you to establish pricing strategies and formulas that will maximize your scrap revenues, reinforced with thorough, accurate pricing documentation.

Sims Bros Recycling IndustrialMeet environmental and safety requirements
Keeping abreast of EPA, OSHA and other requirements is a full-time job.  We are so enthusiastic about health, safety and the environment that we are one of the few companies our size that employs a full-time Safety/Environmental Director. On-site planning for safety and/or environmental compliance is an integral aspect of our service to your company.

Service, adapt and improve
Our family management style allows agile, nimble out-of-the box thinking and 24/7 customer support, so we can take a personal interest in your business. We can quickly adapt to changing opportunities as your business grows. It’s this kind of flexibility that empowers us to compete with huge regional and national recyclers whose size tends to slow them down and make them less responsive.

To maximize return on your in-plant scrap processing, please contact Sims Brothers Recycling and let us sort it out for you.

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