Experience & Philosophy

Family values are our business values.

You might say our business philosophy exemplifies the Sims family values, Do What You Say You Will Do (DWYSYWD). We believe we put our integrity and reputation on the line in the marketplace every day in everything we do. So if we say we're going to provide a service, to our customers or our community, we feel it's important to do it right.

We are fortunate to have a dedicated team, more like family, of over 160 associates that are focused on making our customers happy by treating them with friendly, old-fashioned, neighborly respect. Treating other people like you'd like to be treated is the cornerstone of our company philosophy.

Treating your business like it was our own.

Scrap may be a byproduct of your business, but helping you turn it into a revenue stream is our specialty. With over 75 years of experience, Sims Brothers Recycling has helped medium-size and large companies dramatically cut costs and add millions of dollars to their bottom lines.

To do this, we treat you like you want to be treated – like a partner. You know your business and we know scrap. So we work with you to combine our experience, proprietary processes, equipment and even personnel to create an intelligent recycling strategy that's tailored to meet your business processes. 

It's easy to see why Sims is the natural fit for so many companies:

  • Earn more money on your scrap.
  • Thorough, accurate pricing documentation.
  • Current market-based pricing for your scrap on the day we pick up your material.
  • Up-to-date summaries detailing all of your scrap revenue, including certified scale tickets.
  • Cut labor costs.
  • We have significantly cut the amount of time our customer's employees spend handling scrap.
  • Concise on-site scrap handling training for your employees to reduce time and labor costs.
  • Flexible, cost-saving pickup scheduling.

Get the best tools

  • We offer containers and material handling tools designed to minimize labor, space requirements and collection and transportation costs.
  • We'll work with you on equipment ownership and financing programs.
  • Segregating material offers a terrific ROI. We offer custom signage, color-coding and other techniques to aid employees with segregating material.
  • Reduce or eliminate EPA worries.

To maximize return on your business scrap processing, please contact Sims Brothers Recycling and let us sort it out for you.

Please contact:
Garrett Tracey