Environmental Concern

Recycling and Environmental ConcernThere was a time when going green was a vague concept few understood. Today, it’s a different story.  Most everybody understands that environmental stewardship is everyone’s responsibility.

Recycling is at the very heart of this eco awareness and for well over seven decades, recycling has been the heart of our business. Conservation of our natural resources is critical to the survival of future generations, and we’re proud to say that’s what we do, all day, every day.

For many people, and businesses, going green is an evolving process. You want to protect the environment and your budget at the same time.

At Sims Brothers, we have good news for you.  It actually costs less to recycle than to dispose of waste, and we’re here to help you reduce your environmental footprint by recycling.

In short, we make it easier for you to go green – while saving green. And that’s a beautiful combination!