Employee Testimonials

Take it from the people who work here, our family culture puts people first.

As your read these short teammate testimonials, you'll learn something about how Sims Brothers does business. We place a high priority on the value of people, and it's our firm belief that we can't provide the quality you deserve if we aren't a quality company within.

Tom Williams (8 Years)
Truck Driver

"I like the family type atmosphere here. You can work your job without being micro-managed."
Deb Ralph (13 Years)
HR Assistant Manager

"I've never worked at a place like this where the employer has a written set of core values, and everybody is treated with respect. I like everything about working at Sims Brothers."
Patty Kirk (32 years)
Assistant Controller

"They are very good to me here. I really enjoy the people I work with."
Dan Vaughan (8 years)
Paper Recycling Building Manager

"Communication is really encouraged. Everyone talks and gets along. There are nice people here."
Walt Wilson (14 years)
Regional Manager

"I love my job and everything about Sims Brothers. It's rewarding to be given responsibility, get results, and be rewarded. Sims does everything in the world to help a person succeed."
Tom Taylor (7 years)
Crane Operator

"Sims Brothers treats you like family. And I like seeing different customers and building relationships with them."