Certified Scales

Your assurance of accuracy, measured every 60 days.

Sims Brothers Scales Certified Scale Testing

Every two months each Sims Brothers recycling scale gets a new sticker. This shows the scale has been re-tested and meets Federal standards established by the National Institute for Standards Technology.  It’s the physical confirmation that your materials are being weighed as accurately as possible - so you get every penny you deserve.


We don’t have to test our scales this often. The State of Ohio, along with each County Auditor, certifies them once a year, and that’s enough for many recyclers - but not Sims Brothers. The reason?  We know if you’re treated fairly, honestly and with respect, you’ll be back. 

So we invest in your trust. We employ a state registered scale company that’s accredited to ISO 1705 for scale calibration and testing. They test our scales and provide preventative maintenance on them every two months - and each scale has the sticker to prove it.