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Sims Brothers Recycling is Central Ohio’s fastest growing recycling company. For 75 years we’ve been a family-owned, hands-on, people-minded and service-oriented business serving households, farms, businesses and industries.

Today we employ over 160 associates at our three recycling locations, and on-site at several of our major industrial customers.

Our size has its advantages. We process over 550 million pounds of recyclable material every year, making us a volume material supplier big enough to tackle almost any recycling opportunity.  Yet our family management style also allows nimble out-of-the box thinking and 24/7 customer support, so we can take a personal interest in your business.

Sims Brothers buys, transports, processes, brokers and sells all types of recyclable products including scrap iron and steel, nonferrous metals, cardboard, newspaper, high grade paper, plastics, and glass.

To transport these recyclable materials, Sims operates a fleet of semi tractors and trailers, roll off trucks and lugger trucks. We also work with independent hauling operators and with the railroad through our own railhead.

After preparing the recyclables to meet customer specifications, they are sold to mills throughout the Midwest. And then, the cycle begins again.

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